Sustainable forestry within secondary and degraded tropical forests

The Forestry and Climate Change Fund (FCCF) is a pioneering impact fund launched in 2017. We aim to demonstrate that sustainable forestry within secondary and degraded tropical forests generates economic, ecological and social value and contributes to healthy landscapes, climate change mitigation & adaptation and local economic development.


At FCCF, we enable access to responsible financing sources for local actors and support the development of viable enterprises. We also constitute an investment opportunity into innovative climate finance for different types of investors.

Our Projects

Triple Impact


Sustainable income for locals

Poverty alleviation

Safety net


Enable recovery of biodiversity

Climate change mitigation

Avoid deforestation


Attractive business model

Profit generation

Job creation

Investing in Secondary & Degraded Forests (SDFS)

FCCF invests directly and indirectly in a diversified portfolio of forestry companies, community forestry entities and owners of small forests, who focus on the management SDF.


  • High Impact Investment
  • Attractive returns
  • Limited risks

Testimonials / Videos

The wood industry is essential for the development of rural villages, as is the case in the Canton of Nandayure on the Nicoya Peninsula, which is embraced by hundreds of hectares of wood for consumption. About 11,000 people live here. To improve the quality of life of these people, new investments are indispensable, and for them better times are glimpsed.

We believe in lasting positive impacts for individuals and communities. We leverage powerful partnerships with relevant expertise to develop a framework for impact measurement. The impact is measured on multiple levels. We keep close ties with our partners to ensure that the anticipated impacts reach the target communities. At the core of the FCCF lie its lasting impacts. Some of our partners have shared their thoughts with us.

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