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Impact investing and asset management experience, a public-private partnership structure

The Forestry and Climate Change Fund (FCCF) has the objective to invest directly or indirectly in a diversified portfolio of forestry companies, community forestry entities and owners of smaller forests, who focus on the management of secondary and degraded forests (SDF).


FCCF seeks to demonstrate that the sustainable management of SDF, driven by community, smallholder and local enterprises, will provide a model that is economically viable and also produces ecological and social value, contributing to land restoration and climate change mitigation.


Forestry practices, technical expertise, due diligence and business models

UNIQUE identifies, evaluates, and implements investment strategies for sustainable forest management. Their strong track record in sustainable forest management is supported by the use of leading best-practices and the use of recognized scientific methodologies.


In Paraguay, UNIQUE manages 12,000 ha of FSC® certified forests. With their long-standing practical experience and economic expertise, they provide reputable forestry investments that generate attractive returns, create value and contribute to rural development.

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Local forestry expertise with a focus on secondary & degraded forests and contacts with local actors

CATIE contributes to terrestrial land management and the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Latin America, so that the region and rural populations in particular can benefit from the myriad goods and services offered by forests.



Their program uses the generation of scientific knowledge, graduate education and outreach to address the forestry needs in order to improve human welfare and contribute positively to protected areas, biological corridors and sustainable forest management.



The Development Cooperation of the Luxembourg government is the lead funder of the Technical Assistance Programme (“TAP”) formalised in the Programme MAE/013 “Assistance technique au Forestry and Climate Change Fund (FCCF) de Investing for Development SICAV”.




Lux Development S.A. (“LuxDev”) has been contracted as the administrator of the TAP. LuxDev manages the overall project execution, contracting and quality control.