FCCF signatory of Operating Principles for Impact Management


IforD-FCCF has adhered to the “Operating Principles for Impact Management” initiative, led by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
The Operating Principles for Impact Management, is a market standard for impact investing in which investors seek to generate positive impact for society alongside financial returns in a disciplined and transparent way.
The Impact Principles instill a discipline around impact investing, fostering greater mobilization of capital for impact and a high standard for the social and environmental impact that it can achieve. The Impact Principles assist investors in identifying investments that are being managed for impact and help reduce the dilution of the term “impact” in the marketplace.
As each Signatory should do, the Fund publishes here its annual Disclosure Statement, in which it describes how each Principle is incorporated into the investment process and the extent of the alignment with each Principle.



Disclosure Statement