FUNDECOR was created in 1991 and, since then, it has been a major supporter of the sustainable development of natural resources in Costa Rica. Committed and innovative, Fundecor seeks to keep Costa Rica at the forefront when it comes to international environmental affairs.


Among the services offered by FUNDECOR is sustainable forest management. This service aims to maintain and improve the condition of the forest (in terms of area, age structure and composition); this, in turn, brings benefits to the owner, without placing in jeopardy the environmental features of the forest.


Scientific research, technical excellence, innovation and knowledge transfer are the pillars of the Comprehensive Landscape Management approach put forward by FUNDECOR. This approach aims for societal development to occur in harmony with nature.


With FCCF’s investment, this program will be further strengthened. The investment will also allow forest owners to have a cash flow during the harvesting period and improved sales conditions. Additionally, this investment will support the development of the value chain for wood products, allowing high quality, sustainably sourced wood to come to the market.


FUNDECOR aims to be the main promoter of Comprehensive Landscape Management, which shows how the management of natural resources and their value, science and innovation can come together to enhance human well-being and environmental conservation.