Vision & Mission



The FCCF is a pioneering impact fund aiming to demonstrate that sustainable forestry within secondary & degraded tropical forests generates economic, ecological and social value and contributes to healthy landscapes, climate change mitigation & adaptation and local economic development.


The Fund enables access to responsible financing sources for local actors and supports the development of viable enterprises. The Fund also constitutes an investment opportunity into innovative climate finance for different types of investors.




In order to realise this vision, FCCF:


  • balances ecological and social impact with attractive long term financial returns;
  • creates and disseminates knowledge on business models adapted to the specifics of secondary and degraded tropical forests;
  • forges lasting alliances with local communities and locally rooted entities. This supports the long-term vision by which forests find their place within economically and ecologically functioning landscapes;
  • contributes internationally and in Luxembourg to growing interest in climate financing;
  • remembers the global significance of SDFs and seeks to expand the approach beyond Central America in the long-term.