Simplemente Madera Marketplace S.A.

Simplemente Madera Marketplace S.A. (SMM) was incorporated in 2017 and is developing inclusive value chains for timber derived from secondary and degraded forests in Nicaragua. SMM started working with three indigenous communities SIPBAA, El Naranjal and Layasiksa, covering a forest area of 9,740 ha located within the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN). This is an area of great environmental interest where deforestation rates are high (around 3% per year), mainly due to illegal logging and the advancement of the agricultural frontier.


FCCF’s investment in SMM is likely to generate significant environmental and social benefits. The three forests threatened by deforestation and forest degradation are likely to capture around 13 t / ha of carbon per year, leading to a substantive climate mitigation effect over the life of the project.


At the same time, the creation of fair and long-term employment is contributing to social progress. SMM is pioneering a “fair market access” model whereby a fair profit from timber sales to small and medium-sized carpenters in Nicaragua and to export markets flow back to the communities.