FCCF signs its first partnership in Nicaragua


Simplemente Madera Marketplace S.A., a joint venture in which FCCF participates with a 50% stake has seen the light of the day on 13 April 2018.


Providing both equity and debt financing, FCCF has completed the first transaction since its creation on 20 October 2017 by partnering with local Nicaraguan individuals in order to create Simplemente Madera Marketplace S.A. (SMM). The company will actively work to establish a value-added chain that implements sustainable forest management. The project will start by focusing on the Miskito indigenous communities located along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, one of the poorest regions of the continent. The area knows a high rate of deforestation of around 3% a year and reflects the broader issue of deforestation that FCCF aims to help alleviate.


FCCF expects this project to grow over time as local communities embrace sustainable forest management and join the value chain offered by Simplemente Madera Marketplace. The ultimate goal is to allow sustainable forest management of secondary and degraded forests to produce high quality certified timber that can be sold locally or internationally, thereby providing a source of living to individual and community forest owners and justifiy the presence, protection and efficient management of secondary and degraded forests.