OFS and Bluwood, two new joint venture companies


FCCF starts two joint venture companies with Mr. Nestor Baltodano, a local entrepreneur in Costa Rica, dedicated to sustainable forest management OFS (Sustainable Forest Management Operations) and BluWood, a secondary transformation industry to produce flooring products for the local and export markets based on the acquisition of a legacy industry.


The forest management pioneered by OFS is located in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The province is rich in tropical semi-humid to dry forests, which were exploited until the 1970s. With the end of the natural forest exploitation, the associated knowledge and processing facilities disappeared.


The BluWood industry produces solid and engineered flooring and related wood products for Costa Rican and export markets. It also opens its industrial site to workshops and related industries to create a dynamic wood industry cluster in Costa Rica. BluWood pioneers a fair sourcing policy ensuring forest owners receive adequate prices for their timber.


Both projects have high potential of significant positive environmental and social impact. OFS provides the necessary structure to conserve and sustainably manage secondary forests, which are subject to ongoing forest degradation. Sustainable management of secondary forest is enlarging the forest area around the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Area, which has been declared world heritage by the UN due to its high biodiversity. On the other hand, BluWood and OFS add economic value to secondary forests and open new socioeconomic opportunities in rural areas of the region, which is affected by relatively low incomes outside the main tourist sites.