Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles SA

FCCF started a project in collaboration with Mr. Nestor Baltodano, a local entrepreneur in Costa Rica dedicated to sustainable forest management who is representing Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles (OFS).


OFS proposes a management solution to the owners of secondary forests in the Guanacaste region which is in North-Western Costa Rica. The province is rich in tropical semi-humid to dry forests, which were exploited until the 1970s. With the end of the natural forest exploitation, the associated knowledge and processing facilities disappeared. Operaciones Forestales Sostenibles will establish management plans, execute the day-to-day forest management, operate harvesting and primary transformation and organise the sales process under a profit-sharing agreement with the landowners. The company covers forest management activities, harvesting, primary transformation using mobile sawmills and transport to clients.


OFS provides the necessary structure to conserve and sustainably manage secondary forests, which are subject to ongoing forest degradation. Sustainable management of secondary forests is enlarging the forest area around the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Area, which has been declared world heritage by the UN due to its high biodiversity.